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Spring Newsletter Page 1

Here's the latest edition of our Newsletter.  We hope you enjoy the read.  If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions, or would like to be included in the next edition, please get in touch.

Spring Newsletter Page 2

Page 2 - enjoy!

NLP Conference November 2012

Here's Vicky speaking at this year's NLP Conference in London. Her talk was aimed at those offering NLP as their profession, helping them to create a niche market through the use of Social Media. This is a short clip from her presentation.

Winter Newsletter Page 1

Here's page 1 of our Winter Newsletter.  I hope you enjoy it.  Feedback always welcome :-) 

Winter Newsletter Page 2

Here's page 2 of our winter newsletter - enjoy!

Dru Power Sequence

Here's the Dru Power Sequence for anyone who wants to keep practising.  This is a great sequence for generating a feeling of inner strength and power, as well as working those key muscles in the body.  It's quite tough, as anyone who was in my class yesterday or last week knows.  You might want to turn the sound down, or play your own music, as there's a baby crying throughout!

Summer 2012 Newsletter Page 1

Here's page 1 of our Summer Newsletter.  It's a bit later than we'd hoped, so apologies.  We hope you enjoy the read.

Summer 2012 Newsletter Page 2

Here's page 2 of our Summer Newsletter - enjoy!

Stress and carbohydrates - very interesting

Here's a great little video clip of Dr Deborah Kern talking about the mind/body connection.  She's quite funny and she really knows her stuff.  She talks about the scientific link between stress and eating, amongst other things.  If you want to understand how stress impacts on our physical, emotional and mental state, this short clip is well worth watching.

How to De-stress in 5 minutes

If you're feeling stressed out at the moment, having to do more and more, with less and less (time, money, resources), then here's a great way to reconnect both mind and body and to destress both.  Dru Yoga is a great way to reduce your stress levels - this has been scientifically proven.  If you do this 5 minute routine every day, after 2 weeks you'll really start to notice the difference.  It's FREE, so what have you got to lose?  Give it a try and let us know how you...

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