Mind / Body Health

At Inspirational Life Solutions we know how important the mind/body connection is.  This is why we are passionate about internal and external health of the body, as well as the mind.  Nutrition and movement are essential for optimal health and the prevention of degenerative dis-ease.

We practice a blend of different yoga styles, including a therapeutic yoga style called Dru, which enables people of any age and any fitness level to feel the positive benefits of physical movement, as well as Hatha and Yoga Sports Science.  You do not need to be flexible to practice yoga, however, over time you will become more flexible, mobile and strong.

People have reported back that due to yoga they have been:

-  more composed
-  more clear minded
-  more elated
-  more energised
-  more agreeable
-  more confident
-  more satisfied with life
-  more self-confidence during stress

If you've never tried yoga before, or if you're a seasoned yogi,  we offer something for everyone.

We focus on flowing movements, soft joints and releasing the energy we have stored in our bodies, as well as incorporating more vigorous options for those who want to take their practice further.  Yoga is very adaptable and can be practiced even if you have serious physical impairments, yet it provides enough challenge for those who like a more demanding workout.  Vicky is also a trainee Yoga Sports Science Coach and incorporates some of her learnings, particularly about how and why the body works, into her yoga classes.

"Yoga Sports Science is changing the way we think about Yoga and optimizing athletic ability by providing a tool that measures its impact through data collection and performance metrics.  This is the first time in the long and established history of yoga a tool ahs been able to gather evidence showing how and why yoga works." (Hayley Winter, founder of YSS) 

Why not come along to one of our Saturday yoga classes in Sheldwich, near Faversham and try for yourself. Download the information leaflet, by clicking on the pdf button below to the left.

Yoga Timetable 2014

Saturday morning yoga information


Vicky is a highly intuitive person who can develop excellent rapport with others as well as having well refined analytical skills. She has great energy and enthusiasm for everything she undertakes and has a good sense of humour which endears her to others. As well as her interpersonal skills Vicky is thorough and hardworking applying creativity and thoroughness to what she does. I would recommend Vicky very highly!

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