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Don't leave it to chance

Having got involved again in delivering Resilience programmes across the UK, it struck me just how easy it is to let each day go by, thinking that tomorrow you'll start 'being healthy'.  Over the years I've gone from being in the gym religiously 4 or 5 times a week, to not at all.  I've gone from watching what I eat to counting the packets of jaffa cakes I can eat in one day.  The reason for this change - who knows?

It's partly due to the lack of routine in my life n...

Spring Newsletter

Our Spring newsletter is out now.  If you'd prefer to receive this via email, drop us a line and let us know.  Enjoy the read.  Your feedback is always welcome.

Spring Newsletter Page 2

Our Spring newsletter is out now.  If you'd prefer to receive this via email, drop us a line and let us know.  Enjoy the read.  Your feedback is always welcome.

Our Winter Newsletter

Here's the first page of our last newsletter, in case you missed it.  Give us your feedback and let us know what you think.  If you want to be included in the next newsletter, drop us a line or let us know on our Facebook page.  Happy reading!

Our newsletter page 2

In case you missed the last edition of our newsletter, we thought we'd add it to the blog post so that you can catch up on all of our news, events, tips and hints.  Happy reading!

The Current Dis-Education System

Listen to Dr Wyatt Woodsmall talk about our current dis-education system and how our children are being told 'the great lie'.  As our education system focusses on cramming content into young minds, extensive research shows that it's those with emotional intelligence who really succeed.  However, what is success?  Is success something that is subjective and very personal to each individual?  Wyatt talks about wisdom and I absolutely agree.  However, to say that we n...

Team Hoyt - CAN

I've used this video on numerous occasions during trainings that I run and I thought I'd share it with you, as it's one of the most inspiring stories I've ever come across.  There are some much longer clips and a full video available, but I thought I'd share this short version with you.  Enjoy!

What can we learn from kids?

How many times are we called childish?  Adora Svitak talks about this age-old discriminatory term and how it should be banned.  She believes students should teach their teachers and learning should be reciprocal.  I totally agree.  If teachers are so closed to what kids can teach us, how can they expect to engage them and make learning interesting, stimulating, challenging and fun for them?  "Kid's big dreams deserve high expectations" according to Adora.  Wha...

Adam Ant on mental health

Take a listen to Adam Ant talking about mental health from his own perspective and own experience.  He talks about when he was sectioned, what the medication did to him and how he started to help himself with his own mental disorder.

Yoga to release anger and frustration

Here's a great Dru yoga sequence for anyone who has pent up anger and frustration.  It's called the Salutation of Four Directions.  It's a great flowing, therapeutic sequence that will help you release all of that anger and frustration.

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