INLPTA Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Qualification

Have you ever struggled to build effective relationships either professionally or personally?  Do you wish you had enough confidence to go after that promotion or to do the things you've been holding back on?

NLP can give you the confidence you want to live the life you deserve, as well as giving you an invaluable set of tools to help you create a clear pathway to your goals.  

See our Upcoming Events for dates and a course brochure.

NLP Psychotherapy Diploma

If you are already an NLP Master Practitioner, you may qualify for entry onto our NLPt Diploma course.  This course will integrate your NLP skills in a psychotherapeutic setting.  The course is delivered to NLPtCA standards, which may, upon application enable you to apply for UKCP registration as a Psychotherapist.

This is a module course and is also offered as individual CPD workshops for Master Practitioners who are working in a therapeutic context.

For more details, download the course brochure from our sister site:

Personal Resilience

Would you like to manage stressful situations more effectively?  Would you like to have enough energy throughout the whole day, to do the things you enjoy doing?  Would you like to have enough clarity and focus to produce high quality pieces of work?  Would you like to have a true sense of purpose and meaning?

If so, our one-day Personal Resilience course is for you.  See our Upcoming Events for dates and a course brochure.